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Tuesday's news conference, because of the ground West Virginia football coach Bill Stewart covered and some of the big issues he is facing, needs to be broken down a bit further than most are analyzed.
So, here we go: 

What Bill Stewart said: "Brandon Hogan has been suspended indefinitely from the Mountaineer football team for breaking a team rule. I, and I alone, will handle the discipline and punishment in a fair, firm and strict manner. He will rejoin the Mountaineer team when I deem fit." 
What it really means: Brandon Hogan might -- I stress might -- play again for West Virginia. There will be some conditions. He will run about 6 million sets of steps. He will have to be a choir boy on campus and off. He will have to show improvement with his grades. He will have to satisfy all conditions of the DUI arrest and the punishment that comes down -- or at least be in the process of doing so (i.e. show up for court, etc.). Then, and only then, would Hogan be welcomed back. The guess here: If all conditions are met -- and I'm telling you he will have to walk a very straight path -- we will see him for the South Florida game. 
What Bill Stewart said, of who will replace Hogan for Maryland at corner: "The three in the mix, off the get-go, will be Broderick Jenkins, Patrick Miller and Brantwon Bowser. In I don't know what order." 
What it really means: It will be in that order.
What Bill Stewart said, of how it will be decided on who replaces Hogan: "It is not going to be an open tryout."
What it really means: Again, in that order above. But, it really seems like it is Jenkins' job to lose.
What Bill Stewart said, of who will be the primary punt returner now that Hogan is out: "Tavon [Austin] or J.D. Woods. We've got some guys who can catch the ball."
What it really means: Yeah, Tavon Austin and J.D. Woods --- if Jock Sanders doesn't feel like doing it or is a bit winded. 
What Bill Stewart said: "Pat Lazear has not fully recovered from that bone bruise. He's running, he ran yesterday. I just can't say he's going to play this week."
What it really means: He's not playing this week. Because, if he was, people would be trumpeting Lazear's return with horns blaring.
What Bill Stewart said, in regard to not playing Maryland in two years, but still scouting their system: "We have a very good relationship with Maryland. We swapped all the games [films] from this year."
What it really means: WVU never would have done that with Marshall. Or Pitt.
What Bill Stewart said, on the offensive line: "They have not played as poor [as people have said]. ... I don't say they are the seven blocks of granite at this point, but they are a work in progress."
What it really means: He's heard the rumblings and the angst toward the group and maybe people need to calm down a bit. Sure, the line hasn't been world-beaters, but there has, indeed, been some over-reaction from the fan base about how "poorly" this unit has played. And Stew wants the fans to lay off his guy Dave Johnson.
What Bill Stewart said: "Can you open up the passing game a little bit, to help the run game? Yes. I think that is a thought."
What it really means: Geno Smith might be slinging it around a little bit more, particularly early in games.
What Bill Stewart said, of the the two-point conversion throw Geno Smith made against Marshall to tie the game: "That was his second read, and he was going to the third read after that. ... The biggest throw of the night is off the second read."
What it really means: Geno has been cut loose. There are no limitations on him, at all, in a playbook sense.
What Bill Stewart said: "Tavon Austin has been a real mainstay. He has been a guy who loves to come to play. He is a guy who could be playing running back in many, many offenses. He's a guy, if and when, something happens to No. 7, he will go back to running back. Next year, instead of No. 7 and No. 32, it will be No. 1 and No. 32 -- and I don't care who knows it." 
What it really means: Um, wow. So much for that stuff Tavon Austin said to the Post-Gazette at the end of camp about wanting to stay at receiver if he progresses. Looks like this stuff on the edge, with Tavon at receiver, is a one-year deal. But, you know, I'm skeptical -- I'll believe it when I see it next season. 

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