Q&A submission 11/30/09: More new arena stuff

Written by Colin Dunlap on .

By Colin Dunlap | 11 a.m. Monday

A few Q&A submissions that I got overnight. Seems a lot of people are worried about this new building for some reason.

QUESTION: Other rumors swirling around are that the Dukes will have locker rooms in the new building and that the team is eventually planning on making the Consol their homecourt. Is there any truth to these?   The AJP is such a dump that I actually think this would be a good idea. Any good recruit would be impressed if the Consol was the Dukes real, full-time homecourt.


DUNLAP: There will be some locker room facilities for the Dukes over there. The Consol people, from what I understand, have asked for logos, some Dukes paraphernalia and the such. But, make no mistake, the Consol will not be Duquesne's full-time home court any time in the near future. Instead, think of that place much the same as the Civic Arena for Pitt, back when the Panthers used to play their home games at Fitzgerald Field House. Remember when the Panthers used to bring in out of conference teams like UCLA or Arizona, or maybe play a big-time in-conference game such as Georgetown or Syracuse down at the arena -- well, that is much how the Dukes, if all goes as planned, will use the Consol. Look for them to use it for some games such as that; maybe bring in (and this is just throwing names out) a Wake Forest or a Louisville out of conference, but then also play big-time in-conference foes such as Xavier or Dayton at the Consol.



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