A long Way to Go

Written by Paul Zeise on .

Pitt's pounding of the Dukes in the City Game tonight really illustrated just how far the Dukes are away from where they need to be - and the rebuilding job that is ahead for Jim Ferry.

We can cut it any way we want, analyze it, go through statistics -- the bottom line is this, the Dukes were very much outmanned and overmatched.

That will change as Ferry will recruit the kinds of players he needs and he will also do a lot of things to upgrade the weight lifting and conditioning program to make sure the players who are in the program get bigger and stronger - but this is a long way from being a team capable of competing in the Atlantic 10.

Yes, there are some flashes and yes, Ferry has done an excellent job of scheming and trying to put the Dukes in position to make plays - but that only goes so far - at the end of the day this is a game about players.

Duquesne will be a good program at some point, I think Ferry is the right guy to get this done, but this is not going to happen overnight and this is not going to happen with just one or maybe even two recruiting classes. 

This is a big-time recruiting job and that takes time.

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