Is the CBI in the cards?

Written by Jenn Menendez on .

So will Duquesne get an invite to the College Basketball Invitational again this year?

And if they do, will they go?

Check out today’s story which addresses this: “Travel costs figure into Duquesne’s postseason plans”

But long story short, the Dukes appear to have a shot at getting an invite to the CBI based on the team’s RPI of 106 (improved from 108 yesterday), but depending on where they’d have to travel to may or may not go.

Caught up with AD Greg Amodio yesterday who basically explained it’s more complicated than just getting an invite and jetting off to play in the postseason.

A game within a bus trip away sounds like it would be doable, but I’m not sure I got the feeling they’d fly off to Montana again.

Coach Ron Everhart certainly hopes it happens, and thinks based on strength of schedule and hovering around 100 in the RPI most of the season should help.

Everhart: “We’re up there in an area where we should be given a good look by the CBI.”

That said…until an offer comes - and the cost-benefit analysis is done - it’s wait-and-see for the Dukes. And for Dukes fans.

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