Photos from inside Palumbo renovation

Written by Colin Dunlap on .


Was Downtown at the office today, so I decided to walk up to the Palumbo to take a look at what was going on with the upgrades.

Here are a few snapshots.

This is the Forbes Avenue side, where the seats are completely ripped out:


Here is a shot of a worker putting in some of the blue seats on the non-bench side:


This is something of particular interest, one would think. 

This photo is of a non-bench side, press-row side, non-padded seat, one nearer the ends of the floor:


And here is a padded seat, one of the ones near midcourt on the non-bench side.


Have to say, there is a very recognizable difference in the two. I sat in both of them and the padded one offers a lot more support, while the one without the padding is just so-so.

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