Q&A submissions 12/02/09 -- Future site of the City Game?

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By Colin Dunlap | 1:24 p.m. Wednesday

QUESTION: What's the status of next year's Duq/Pitt game and games in the future?  Are we looking at a rotation between the Petersen Events Center and the Consol Energy Center where Duquesne hosts the game at the CEC?...or are we going back to all campus sites...or are ALL games going to be at the CEC?

Otto Graf; Highland Park, Pa.

DUNLAP: First off, Otto, I think I might know you. Didn't I meet you one time at a party? I think you said you were a cousin of Sig Nature and also a distant relative of John Hancock. I have the right guy, right?

Anyhow, onto serious matters. While there has been wide speculation as to everything, here is the official word from Duquesne: No contract has been signed yet.

So, in that regard, there is nothing official as to the venue of next year's City Game, or future City Games. That said, anything you are hearing is entirely speculation and, as a reporter I hope you can appreciate it is my job to deal in fact, not speculation. The fact is, at least from what officials at Duquesne just told me, nothing is official. 


QUESTION: Any word on Sam Ashaolu? Haven't heard anything for some time.

Econ69; Moon Township

DUNLAP: Sam, for those who don't know, was the most critically wounded of the young men in the shooting on campus a few years back. When I am at practice, I often see Sam. He is a manager-type guy with the team, although he is not in the media guide, thus I do not think he has an official capacity.


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