Morakinyo Williams' journey gets more puzzling

Written by Colin Dunlap on .

And so it will be another outpost in the life of the very tall, who-knows-how-good-he-can-be basketball player, Englishman Morakinyo Williams.
The 7-footer will be playing at The Citadel, apparently. He will play there for his old high school coach.
Back in January in a Post-Gazette piece, some people closest to Williams insisted that he was not a basketball vagabond; that in order to be a vagabond, one must have choices as to where life takes you --- and he didn't.
That said, I bought it at the time, but, looking back – and now seeing this latest development – I really don't know if I do. Seems like I could have been duped. Maybe, just maybe, when you shift addresses this many times, you start to become the common denominator; you are the problem, you are the one who needs to look in the nearest mirror.
First it started with a few high schools, then the University of Kentucky, then Duquesne and now The Citadel – that's a ton of shuffling, and enough to where, no matter what anyone says, I'd classify it as vagabond status.
The crazy thing is, when Williams decided to leave Duquesne, it was hammered home to me – from both sides (his and the Duquesne coaches) – that he was very, very much looking forward to returning to England, that he wanted to get home, perhaps start a professional career and make the jump out of college basketball.
Perhaps I'll never know what changed in the span of time from the day Williams left Duquesne until now, the day I see he plans to play at The Citadel.

But, why even try to understand it --- just seems that everything in his life is tremendously difficult to understand, as it is ever-changing. I'll say it -- like that of a vagabond.

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