Charlie gets The Onion treatment

Written by Dan Gigler on .

Charlie Batch, who after beating the Ravens, positively dominated the Internet this week (see below) has officially arrived. 

His performance was memorialized as the subject of a news "report" by The Onion:


The story reads:

"PITTSBURGH—Steelers third-string quarterback Charlie Batch told reporters Wednesday that he still felt completely humiliated by the shame of nearly losing to Baltimore Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco in week 13. “Oh my God, I can’t believe that I had to put together a 61-yard drive in the closing minutes just to beat Joe Flacco,” said the absolutely mortified 38-year-old, who has recorded 61 touchdowns and 52 interceptions during a NFL career spent almost entirely as a backup. “That could have been the last game I ever started or even played in. If you lose to Joe Flacco, you know it’s all over. There’s just no way you can call yourself a pro quarterback after that.” Ravens wide receiver Anquan Boldin expressed empathy for Batch, admitting that he often feels totally embarrassed to be seen in the same huddle as Joe Flacco."

Of course in fairness to Flacco, Batch-led Steelers teams have lost to him twice before -- in 2010 and a few weeks ago. It's also not the first time a Steeler or the Steelers have been the subject of the Onion's pointed brand of satire.

[Major Correction: Batch didn't start the Nov. 18 game against Baltimore -- that was Byron Leftwich, which I should know because I was at the game.

Also, Batch had been mentioned in the Onion twice recently -- on the eve of last week's game with this headline: "Charlie Batch Frantically Rehabbing Ben Roethlisberger's Shoulder" and before the game a few weeks ago that Leftwich started with in this sarcastic "Keys to the Matchup" for the Ravens: "Whatever you do, don't injure Byron Leftwich or you will have to face the terror that is Charlie Batch."

Leftwich did get injured and the Ravens ultimately faced Batch two weeks later. And lost.

Looks like Batch got the last laugh on The Onion's pranksters.]

Batch, a hometown guy who's been a long time fan favorite, inspired a number of memorable memes on the web this week. A sampling:








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