#PittsburghBands: Steelers edition

Written by Dan Gigler on .

pittsburghbandsSeemingly out of nowhere this evening the hashtag #PittsburghBands exploded on Twitter and rose to the top of the trending list here -- and even trended worldwide -- to hilarious effect.

The idea: combine a band name with some kind of a local idiosynchracy, be it dialect, a personality, a business, a landmark, a neighborhood -- whatever.

Hundreds of clever tweets came in fast and furious fashion -- Slippyknot,  Redd Up Chili Peppers, Patsy InCline, Guns N'at, They Might Be Giant Eagles, Freddie Fu Fighters -- were among the better ones.

Naturally, there were some Steeler-related suggestions.

Like, a ton of them.

To wit:

Dick LeBeau Diddley - Mean Joe Greene Day - The Ryan Clark Five - Ani DiFranco's Italian Army - Todd Haley & The Comets - Yoi-ngo Boingo - Bighead Todd Haley - Baha Mendenhall - Steelers Dan - Walter ABBA-crombie - Stiller's Wheels - Jack LamBurt Bacharach - Steely McBeam Dan - MendenHall & Oates - Aaronsmith - Casey Hampton and the Sunshine Band - Tomlin Petty - Tomlin Twins - Led Zepplynn Swann - KRS-ONE for the Thumb - Mike Tomlin and the Mechanics - Emmy Polamalu Harris - Black and Yellowcard - Van Haley - Steely Dan Rooney - Barry Foster the People - Rick James Harrison - Ike Taylor Swift - Breaking Big Benjamin - Citizen Myron Cope - Heath Miller Band - Marooney 5 - Ziggy Stardust - The Flaming Louis Lipps - Ugly Kid Joe Greene - Tony Toni Toney Clemons - Tony Curtis Brown Earth Wind & Fire Bruce Arians - Ramon Foster the People -  Big Ben Folds Five - Robert Golden Earring - Bam Morris Day and the Time - Antonio James Brown - Neil O'Diamond - Walls of Jerricho Cotchery - Crosby, Stillers, N'at - Steely McDan  - David Allen Cope - Medeski Martin and Woodley - Big Steeler Country - The Black and Gold Crowes - The Black and Yellow Keys - Black & Gold Flag

Check it aht.

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