Three & Out: Maurkice Pouncey

Written by Dan Gigler on .


Part of a semi-regular series of short interviews with Steelers players. Today: Two-time All-Pro and Pro Bowl center Maurkice Pouncey ...

1: The lineman talk about being a ‘dog,’ saying this guy’s a dog, or that guy’s a dog – define what it means to be a 'dog' and who on this team fits the description?

POUNCEY: Going out there giving your all, man. Going out there not caring about the guy in front of you, just going out there and beating him up every play … the Steelers offensive line [are dogs] – you better believe it.

2. Have you been watching your twin brother Mike (of the Miami Dolphins) on HBO’s Hard Knocks? Is he acquitting the family name well?

POUNCEY: [laughs] Yeah man, he’s doing a good job. He’s a dog [laughs].

3. You mentioned once that you took bowling as a class at Florida – how was that? Were you any good?

POUNCEY: Oh yeah, it went great. It went awesome for me. Passed that one with flying colors. [My average] was terrible. I didn’t really care, I just wanted to play that game. I couldn’t do the spin thing – I’m usually a gutter ball type of guy.

& OUT: You sign a lot of your tweets with the hashtag #BMS – what is that?

POUNCEY: That’s “Big Man Swag.” Big people don’t know how to dress, you know? Me and my brother are trying to change that entire look for fat guys. Teach ‘em how to dress a little bit. It’s all a fun process, everybody kind of jokes around with it on Twitter. It’s kind of a thing that me and Mike got.

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