Chris Rainey is very superstitious

Written by Dan Gigler on .

Rookie Chris Rainey shows off his wristwear.

Professional athletes are up there with firemen and sailors as being rife with occupational superstitions and superstitious people, and Steelers rookie running back Chris Rainey falls squarely into that lot.

Rainey, a fifth-round pick from Florida, sports arms full of Livestrong-style rubber bracelets -- 22 of them to be exact, to match his jersey number.

"I’m superstitious. Some of these bands I’ve been wearing since 10th grade (he’s 24 now) – about five of them."

They don't fall off? Or stink?

"I’ve had a couple snap off, but I got replacements in the room," and he said that fans are starting to give them to him.

"I got two more yesterday, so I put them on. A girl gave them to me in the crowd."

They're mostly inspirational in nature, or support some kind of a cause, or amateur sports team, with messages like, "'I Am Grateful' 'Thank You God' 'Grind' 'Truth' – stuff like that," Rainey said.  "a lot [are for team] championships and stuff like that."

Potential theme music for Chris Rainey.
He said he never takes them off.

"I wear them anywhere and everywhere and never take them off, even in the shower, all that."

That will include during games this year, despite the notoriously strict NFL rules regarding uniforms and player appearance.

"I’m gonna wrap ‘em up. I heard about it. I ain't going to let them see it."

A undersized, but exceptionally fast back, Rainey has drawn comparisons to New Orleans Saints running back Darren Sproles.

Said Rainey: "It’s a good compliment, but I’m still Chris Rainey. That’s all I keep in my head."

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