Cotchery on camp and the new offense

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Jerricho Cotchery talked briefly with reporters after Friday's afternoon practice session about the Steelers' new offense and training camp in general.

On offensive coordinator Todd Haley's new schemes:

"There’s a lot of diversity ... I know this is a very diverse offense. We have a lot of weapons and it seems like all of the weapons are being used. He’s a great offensive mind. He knows how to do this."

Is quarterback Ben Roethlisberger getting the hang of it?

"Ben’s a very smart guy. He’s getting guys lined up. He knows it. I don’t see him having any hiccups so far."

Is it really just a matter of 'terminology'?

"If you go across the NFL it’s the same concepts being put out there on the field, its just how you get to them, and we get to them in a number of ways in this offense. You never can get a bead on what we’re doing offensively and that’s a great thing."

Difference between camp last year and this year for you?

"I've grown tremendously. Last year I was feeling it out. I was in training camp for one week so I was just learning on the go, meeting everybody on the go but this offseason I had an opportunity to spend time with the guys, get to know them even better and they get to know me even better. We’ve grown. And its been fun. The process has been fun."

Was the Jets training camp like that of the Steelers?

"Its similar because it was away (at SUNY-Cortland). It was away from everything, and that’s what you want to have in training camp. You want the guys to be able to not be as comfortable, like not leaving and going home when they have a break, so that was the same thing with the Jets, and that’s what training camp is all about – getting to know your teammates, building chemistry, and getting prepared for the season, and continuing to build that chemistry, get that as a team and usually that will last you throughout the year and hopefully [result in] some good things."

Did you get big crowds?

"We had big turnouts for Brett Favre ... I can’t imagine what its like there with Tebow this year (laughs) ... Its always fun to practice in front of the fans. They’re able to see us work, and see how we prepare for the season, so being able to practice in front of them, and spend some time with them is always fun."

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