Crabcakes and Football! THAT'S WHAT MARYLAND DOES!

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That "Wedding Crashers" quote in the headline brought to you because featured in today's Baltimore Sun are the pending nuptials of Sarah Friedman & Joshua Wilen.

Why is this interesting or amusing?

Here's why:


Pertinent excerpts from the featurette:

"Wedding Day - June 24, 2012 - Ravens vs. Steelers

"Her story: Sarah Friedman, 31, grew up in Baltimore. ... Sarah went to college at the University of Pittsburgh, where - in her junior year - she had to watch the Super Bowl [XXXV] alone in her dorm room, because all her friends were Steelers fans. Friedman returned to Baltimore, where she is now a pediatric nurse at Sinai Hospital.

"His story: Josh Wilen, 31, grew up in Pittsburgh. ... He went to Indiana University in Pennsylvania and was moved to Baltimore five years ago by Target, where he is now the executive team leader of assets protection at its new store in Crofton.

"Their story: ... Something else they had in common? Each is a rabid fan of his and her hometown football team. "But we're very good together," says Sarah. "When the teams play, we watch together, but we're very civil. However, we have to watch the family. The family is not so civil."

"The place - M&T Bank Stadium: "We both come from rather large families and we knew it was going to be a pretty large wedding," says Sarah.

""So, when it came to nailing down a place for a big wedding - about 400 - it was either a hotel or one of the stadiums. And we're not big baseball fans. ... So, my mom mentioned the stadium. For Josh, it was really hard to absorb that it was Ravens stadium...When we talked about looking at it, he wasn't interested. So, I said, what if we made the colors [the Steelers'] black and gold? And he said, well, okay."

"His family is a different story.

""His brother is still having a hard time believing he's coming to Ravens stadium. His walls are Steelers memorabilia, so for him to be the best man at the wedding there, it's a lot to swallow," says Sarah.

""My brother asked, how are you going to raise the children?" says Josh, with a laugh.

"And my uncle asked if the stadium authority would allow us to bring in Terrible Towels."

"The attire: Black tie optional, but no jerseys.

"The colors and decor: The bridal party will be wearing black and gold, with one exception. One of the three flower girls, Sarah's 1-year old niece, will wear black and purple.

"The flowers in Sarah's bouquet will be yellow and purple, while those in her bridesmaids' will be yellow ...

"And, yes, Josh will sport either a gold vest or tie with his tux.

"Because the stadium's club level already has a lot going on, the only added decor will be black tablecloths with yellow floral centerpieces. Not to worry, Ravens' fans, the room itself has lots of purple."

Some questions/predictions:

During the vows, when the Rabbi asks if anyone objects to the wedding, does a froth-mouthed Terrell Suggs show up and spike Josh to the ground to protect Melissa's virtue from the Pittsburgh interloper?

Did Ray Lewis handle the limo rental? (hope not)

A finski says that once the hooch starts flowing, Josh's rowdy buddies/male cousins/uncles sneak onto the field/into the seats to moon the scoreboard or flip the bird.

Said guests will also strategically place a Terrible Towel somewhere, or scrawl some pro-Steelers graffiti in a bathroom.

The Baltimore guests won't be any better.

"Black & Yellow" and "Renegade" are on the playlist; the Baltimore DJ follows them up with "Purple Rain"

Would Rod Woodson sit with the groom's people or the bride's?
Seriously though, best wishes to the future Mr. & Mrs. Wilen. Hope that they have a great day come June. Seems like it would be a fun wedding to be one of these guys at ...

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