Todd Haley & Rat Salad

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Now that it's officially official, the Todd Haley era of Steelers' offense begins, and this could be either a stroke of absolute genius or an unmitigated disaster.

Todd Haley, seen here yelling, which apparently he does quite often.

Genius: the Arizona Cardinals' offense that Haley ran under Ken Whisenhunt was positively fantastic despite having a completely immobile quarterback and no running attack whatsoever (You may remember, of course, that the Cardinals took the Steelers to the brink in Super Bowl XLIII).

Imagine what he might be able to do with a healthy Ben Roethlisberger in his prime, a superb group of young wide receivers, and a running back in a contract year.

It seemed as though Haley was on the way to building an impressive offense in Kansas City. Their rushing attack was the best in the league in 2010 behind the excellent Jamaal Charles (a Haley draft pick), taking a previously moribund 2-14 outfit to the playoffs in just two years.

Haley also acquired some other nice talent likie Tony Meaoki and Jonathan Baldwin, among others, but the team was decimated with injuries in 2011 and their season was essentially over before it ever began.

Check out the offense stats for Haley's teams.

Not Todd Haley ... yet?

Disaster: Stories abound of Haley's prickly nature.

Shouting matches with Matt Cassel last season and Anquan Boldin during the NFC Championship game are well documented, and he was spoken of not-nicely by Larry Johnson (though Johnson has no room to say anything about anyone).

Things started to get downright weird near the end of his tenure in Kansas City when he believed that his phone was bugged by the front office.

But this is a homecoming for Haley and he certainly understands how things are run in Pittsburgh. Which is to say, not like that. The Rooneys don't conduct business like the Nixon White House and coordinators do not conduct themselves like Eric Cartman having a fit.

Completely unrelated to football: in 2006, Todd Haley filed suit against McDonald's after his wife found a dead rat in her salad (the story, and commentary with disgusting picture here). That's apropos of nothing, but is an excellent excuse for me to post the video below of Black Sabbath playing their song, Rat Salad, in Paris in 1970.

Any reason to post Black Sabbath is a good one.

Jump in on the comments for your take on the hiring of Todd Haley ...and rock on with Ozzy, Geezer, Tony Iommi & Bill Ward ...

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