If not Arians, then who?

Written by Dan Gigler on .

The Post-Gazette's Gerry Dulac reported just a short while ago that Pittsburgh Steelers offensive coordinator Bruce Arians might -- might -- not return in 2012. 

The mere possibilty of this development elicited reactions from across Steelers Nation that were as you'd expect:





Seriously though, despite being the offensive coordinator for the Super Bowl XLIII-winning Steelers, bringing Pittsburgh kicking and screaming into the heavy passing era of NFL football, Arians is as divisive a figure in recent Steelers' history as any -- probably since Kordell Stewart -- and for myriad reasons: no fullback, play selection, and general philosphy come to mind.

He's been much maligned and downright despised by fans on sports talk radio, the blogosphere, and at games. Most of it is undeserved, as Arians has generally done a good job during his tenture. But, Bob Smizik makes some great points as to why, perhaps, its time for a change.

Steeler-wise, Arians' potential departure is pretty big. It'll be the single most important hire that Mike Tomlin will make thus far as head coach, and the second most important hire that Dan Rooney will have made in his tenure as Steelers' president.

But remember, as much as many of you want to see him gone -- as the saying goes: better the devil you know ... 

Consider that Bill Cowher had some terrific O.C.'s in Ron Erhardt, Chan Gailey, Mike Mularkey and Ken Whisenhunt. He also had Ray Sherman and Kevin Gilbride, who, despite success elsewhere, were never good fits in Pittsburgh. 

So, Steelers fans -- if Arians is indeed on the way out -- use the comments below to discuss not potential replacements but what kind of offense the Steelers should run. What do you see now that is unacceptable and what would you change?

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