Deebo Does Dallas: Creative & Far Flung Steelers Fans

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A bunch of Steelers hits -- seven, to be exact ... hmmm .... -- for you this morning before a feast of media day stuff later on ...

Two years ago today ... this:


And now ...
















Created by Toby Fey, of Toldeo, Ohio (via Mars, Pa.)

Steelers Lego sculpture of reader Joshua Hall, of Pittsburgh:


It takes a village to raise a Steelers fan ...


As a debate rages on about whether the Steelers, Cowboys or Packers are America's team, Blog 'N' Gold submits to you that its folly to even have such a discussion, as the Steelers are clearly the World's Team.

Sylvia Liberati Rooney-Rosencrans (no relation) writes in:

"As a native Pittsburgher, who spent twenty-five years in Venezuela with Orinoco Mining Company (US Steel), my three sons grew up listening to Steelers' Games on short-wave radio. 

"Now, my eldest son, Kevin Rooney, is on a temporary assignment in Guinea, West Africa and is endoctrining the younger, African
generation with what it means to be a Terrible Towel waver. 

"Kevin has sent a picture of his activity with the young Africans to the Post-Gazette for consideration to be included in your coverage about "worldly" Steelers fans.

"Please give me a 76 birthday present and publish the photo and then let me know how I can obtain multiple copies for all to see."

Birthday wish granted, Sylvia. And its on the Internet, so it'll be visible in perpetuity.

Pictured: Kevin Rooney, Lee Tidwell and Jeff Bieber with some local Steelers fans near Lopé Village, Boké Region, Republic of Guinea.

Keep sending us pictures of you with your Terrible Towels wherever in the world you may be: post them to our Steelers Nation PG Facebook page.

Steeler Nation: Kazakhstan outpost

In response to her excellent column on the The State of the Steeler Union, PG Columnist Sally Kalson got this letter from a most unlikely place ...

Here wawaweewa go!

I just wanted to write to you and tell you that your article was great ... and you put into words every emotion that I feel as I now live MANY miles away in Atyrau, Kazakhstan, on the Caspian Sea.

"My husband works for an oil company.  We have lived in Maracaibo, Venezuela and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil also. Kazakhstan has been the furthest we have lived so far, though even Houston felt like another world after Pittsburgh!

"I am so excited for this weekend and the Super Bowl...I wish that I could go and see my Steelers!

"My kids are asking me if they get to stay home from school until the Super Bowl is over ... we are 10 hours ahead of game time, so for us, 6:30 pm is 4:30 am.  Depending on penalties (we know there may be a few) and half time extravaganzas, etc., the game may well run into their 8 am school start.

"So that is my does one explain to a school that has a headmaster from England, only 7-8 kids per classroom, that 2 of them are staying home to watch the Superbowl?  Well, you just say:

"We are the Steeler Nation!  Yes, the TV has special controls that help Mike Tomlin, Ben Rothlisberger, James Harrison and Troy Polamalu hear me when I scream a play into it.  Yes, the Steeler snuggie is wrapped around us in this cold climate and YES, you can stay home to watch the end of the Superbowl!

"Go Steelers....we stand strong and proud behind you!!

"From a former 'Burgher, Desiree Arredondo"

Calling Brazilian Steelers fans ...

Regular reader, participant in Ed Bouchette's chats and blogger Keith Thomas, of Buenos Aires, Argentina and author of the Steel Curtain Rising blog is putting out a call to any Brazilian Steelers fans:

"It seems like I began a tradition two years ago by spending the week leading up to Super Bowl XLIII in Tandil, which is in the Province of Buenos Aires.

"This time I am going a step further, spending Super Bowl week in Brazil's Porto de Galinhas.

"I hope to be able to find a place to watch it, or at the very least be able to see the game on TV in the hotel.

"So folks, if you're in Porto de Galinhas or near that part of Brazil and know of place that is showing the game, please leave a comment, perhaps we can join up."

"I'll have limited ability to post this week, but I do hope to get something up before the game.

"In the mean time, check out my Primer on Steelers-Packers History if you have not already.

"Go Steelers!"

Because making fun of the Bengals never gets old ...

These XtraNormal videos are a riot.

Mike Brown meets Art Rooney, Pt. 1

Pt. II wherein Mike Brown thinks Art Rooney is an idiot for going to the Super Bowl

"Closest to (Seventh) Heaven Party" in Colorado

Rocky Mountain Steelers fans take note: Former University of Pittsburgh football public address announcer Don Ireland is putting on a party for Steelers fans to be as physically close to heaven as possible -- at a bar 1.7 miles above sea level ...

Per this release:

“Closest to Heaven Super Bowl Party” a step above the rest in Central City

As the Steelers aim to win an unprecedented seventh Super Bowl, Ireland wanted to celebrate in a special way. He talked with friend Steve Boulter, an owner of Central City’s Dostal Alley casino, pub and restaurant, about hosting a Super Bowl party unlike any other previously held in the mountain community. Boulter and his family agreed to participate in what they’re calling the “Closest to Heaven Super Bowl Party.”

“The Steelers are trying to reach Seventh Heaven and we’re going to celebrate in style as close to heaven as we can. Dostal Alley is 1.7 miles above sea level, so we’re sky-high in the clouds compared to the overwhelming majority of the places in the U.S.,” Ireland said.

Dostal Alley will be decorated in black and gold for the Pittsburgh die-hards. There will be free parking, free finger foods, Steelers trivia and giveaways. The brewpub also plans to create a special Steelers microbrew beer for the occasion as well as import some traditional Pittsburgh beers.

Dostal Alley owners and staff said they are looking forward to seeing a flurry of Terrible Towels and black and gold hats, jerseys and paraphernalia on Sunday, Feb. 6.

“We invite all of our Broncos fans to cheer for the Steelers. They’re part of the AFC and we welcome their support. If they were in the Super Bowl this year, I’d be rooting for them, no question,” Ireland said.

For additional information, please call Don Ireland at 720-217-1310 or e-mail him: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Don Ireland & Steve Boulter in front of Dostal Alley.

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