The Terrible Turban (and more)

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More good stuff rolling in today ... an Indian Steelers anthem, a killer video, the Super Slide and more ...

The Terrible Turban, or 'Here we go, thin-jabis, here we go!' or Slumdog Steel-ionaire


Lal Bhatti rockin' the Terrible Turban
Polka, rap, classic rock, country, folk, blues -- name a musical genre, and there is a Steelers song to go with it. So why not some good old-fashioned Punjabi-influenced Bhangra-infused hip-hop?

Uh ... come again?

BlackMahal, a San Francisco band, has created possibly the most unique Steelers song to come down the pike, ever, called Black, Gold and Silver -- the 'silver' is a reference to the Lombardi Trophy (which must come as relief to the small percentage of you worked up about Wiz Khalifa's use of "Yellow" rather than "Gold") -- and comes up with a interesting new moniker for the team -- the thin-jabis.

According to a release from the band:

""Steelers Nation is a worldwide community so it's time for the rest of the world, like us, to express our love for the Steelers in local flavors," says BlackMahal rapper and executive producer Vijay Chattha, a native of Weirton, WV, just 45 minutes from Pittsburgh's Heinz Field stadium.

""The new colors of the Pittsburgh Steelers are black, gold and silver," continues Chattha. "The Lombardi trophy and its silver sheen has become a standard of success in the team's historic franchise, so we wanted to celebrate our colors on the song."

""The song takes the classic black and gold colors of the Pittsburgh Steelers and adds the silver of the storied Lombardi Trophy, given to the winner of NFL Super Bowl. First there was 'Here We Go" by Roger Wood then "Black and Yellow" from Wiz Khalifa. Now BlackMahal unveils the first bhangra-infused anthem for football fans, "Black, Gold and Silver."

""The song features some dedications and samples of the late Steelers broadcaster and icon, Myron Cope as the band re-invents the, "Yoi, Yoi, and Double Yoi" catchphrase.

[The song] also introduces a new name for the team that sits at the confluence of the Monongahela, Alleghany and Ohio Rivers, translating them into 'thin-jabis' or "those from the three rivers."

Part P-Funk, part Punjabi-Funk, BlackMahal is a 10-piece live music experience complete with drums, DJs, horns, hip-hop MCs, and the godfather of Punjabi-American music – Ustad Lal Singh Bhatti.

BlackMahal's lead vocalist, Lal 'Blitz-Singh' Bhatti, is regarded as the godfather of Punjabi-American music. Bhatti has collaborated with the Black Eyed Peas, The Doors and has performed for nearly every U.S. President since Gerald Ford as well has being honored at the opening of the Smithsonian Sikh Gallery in 2005.

You can download the song here.

This will make you wish the game was RIGHT. NOW.


That's got to get the black & gold blood flowing. Respectful nods to a worthy adversary too.

Prove your citizenship ...

... as a certified member of Steelers Nation, by printing out this certificate from and win tickets to the 2011 season opener.


Two other quick Pittsburgh notes:

Vamos Steelers!

A Mexican TV report on the Steelers Nation south-of-the-border, of which there will be a sizable contingent in Dallas. Featured in the report (it's all in Spanish though) is friend of the show Charly Blanco, who has been previously featured on this blog.



Forget the Dougie ...

... do the Black & Yellow Super Slide, as demonstrated here by the Roland Ford and the Steel City Soul Steppers:


A Tale of Two Cities ...


Charming Fort Worth ...
Got this email from Pittsburgh ex-pat Anthony Mariani decribing the difference between Dallas, where a friend of mine from Houston once said, "If they ever filmed Jersey Shore in Texas, it'd be in Dallas," and Fort Worth, where the Steelers will be headquartered:

"Greetings. I'm a native Pittsburgher living in Fort Worth, and ... someone at the P-G really needs to get across to Steelers fans traveling to North Texas for the big game the fact that the Steelers are staying and practicing in Fort Worth, NOT Dallas, and that Fort Worth and Dallas are vastly separated not only geographically but also philosophically. In fact, there may be no other city in the world better suited to host the Steelers than Fort Worth


... Cheesy Dallas.
Where Dallas is glitz and glam (and cheeseheads -- the Packers are staying and practicing in Dallas), Fort Worth is homey, comfortable, and blue-collar. Fort Worth bars and restaurants are also going out of their ways for Steelers fans. One bar owner even went as far as welcoming fans of the "Fort Worth Steelers" on his lofty, highly visible marquee.

I just think that Steelers fans traveling from the 'Burgh to North Texas would like to know before booking a hotel room that if they stay in Dallas:

A.) They're going to have to pay an enormous cab fare to get from Dallas to Fort Worth to hope to catch a glimpse of their beloved Steelers players

B.) Dallas is rooting for the Packers

C.) Dallas is expensive and swanky while Fort Worth is inexpensive and homey.

Read Anthony Mariani's paean to his hometown and his new town, Pittsburgh and Fort Worth.


The Mafia would like a word with you ...

... If you're headed to Dallas. The Steel City Mafia, that is ...


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