The mother of all Steelers man caves

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Think the homeowner here just might be watching the game today?

Welcome to the absolutely Steeler-fied home of Mr. George Danesky, of Blue Ridge Georgia.

Danesky, a 62-year old semi-retired transplant from South Fayette has created nothing short of a Steelers sanctuary in the basement of his Blue Ridge, Ga., home, about 100 miles from Atlanta, near the borders of North Carolina and Tennessee.

Literally one-half of his home is completely devoted to the Steelers.

"We live in a 5000 sq.ft. house. The basement is 2500 sq. ft Every inch of that 2500 sq. ft. is painted in official NFL Steeler gold and all trim is black. The entire basement is dedicated to, used for games, partying, and display of our thousands of Steeler items," which includes jerseys, helmets, footballs, framed prints, pennants -- many of them autographed -- as well as figurines, bobbleheads, Iron City cans, banners, posters, and all manner of novelty items.

The basement is wired with 16 methodically placed speakers, so that the effect is like being in the stadium. The speakers are attached to a 72 inch H.D. television.

There is a full kitchen and a 30 foot bar equipped with its own television mounted on the wall. The entire area is heated with a double sided fireplace in the very center of the room, both sides have firescreens adorned with the Steeler emblem.

A full bath and a guest bedroom, are also all Steeler decorated, including sheets, comforter and curtains and there is an area he refers to as, "the locker room" which houses all of his family's Steeler jerseys, coats, t-shirts and other clothing.  His Chrysler PT  Cruiser is decked out too, in a black and gold paint job and "GOSTLRS" vanity plates.

Danesky's collection of Steelers memorabilia started as a child with one Bobby Layne football card and now encompasses by his estimation, thousands of items on display, and that doesn't even include the boxes in storage filled with Steelers stuff. He said he has no idea how much he has.

"A common remark from a visitor is, "this place is a museum. It would take days to see and absorb all that's in here."

Danesky doesn't have an estimate for what he's spent on the collection and building the basement over the years, but said he's been advised to carry no less than $250,000 insurance on it.

His latest addition, is, of all things, a Steelers toaster.

"I truly can do as I'm accused of -- eat, sleep on my Steeler sheets and breathe Steelers!"

Creating a Steelers home is nothing new to Danesky. As a young man, he said he worked on the construction of Three Rivers Stadium where he said he got to know The Chief, the late Art Rooney Sr.

In fact his most prized Steeler 'possession' no longer belongs to him. Denesky created a pair of plaques as a tribute to Rooney and to defensive coordinator Dick LeBeau.

The Rooney plaque included a poem Danesky penned called "The Heartbeat," which was dedicated to the Chief. He sent it to the Steelers and its now on display in The Great Hall at Heinz Field.

"I had written it soon after Mr. Rooney passed away," Danesky explained. "What a honor. I cried like a child when I got the news, overwhelmed … I had gotten to know Mr. Rooney when I worked construction building Three Rivers Stadium. I loved that man."

Danesky presented the LeBeau tribute to coach Mike Tomlin during a training camp visit before the 2009 season. Tomlin gave the gift to LeBeau. Months later he received a personal thank you letter in the mail from LeBeau, which Danesky treasures and keeps on display. He said his next will be a dedication to the late Myron Cope.

Since moving from Pittsburgh in 1979 he's helped found no less than four Steelers clubs -- the Steel Thunder Club in West Palm Beach Fla., the Blast Furnace in Royal Palm Beach Fla., the Blast Furnace of Central Florida in Mount Dora, Fla. With his wife, Guelda, he founded the Blue Ridge Mountain Steeler Club.

They try to get to at least one game a year at Heinz Field, which for Guelda brings back memories. She had never followed the NFL before meeting George and her first NFL game … came during their honeymoon eight years ago.  

"What a guy [I am]," he joked.

Even despite that choice of honeymoon locales, Guelda, a huge Hines Ward fan shares George's Steelers passion and helps him run the club and host their rather elaborate club 'meetings.' When the Daneskys don't come back to the Pittsburgh homestead, they have quite a party each week in their den of Steeler-dom.

They get kielbasa shipped in from the Strip, pierogies from Pierogies Plus in McKees Rocks, plenty of Heinz condiments and, of course, I.C. Light. The day is filled with rituals including a prayer while holding a football signed by Art Rooney Sr., and ringing a siren from an old Pittsburgh firehouse after the Steelers score.

George Danesky said they expect 30 over for the game Saturday, and that the autographed ball from the Chief will be broken out.

Sounds like a good omen.

Check out pictures of the Danesky's home, which according to George don't even begin to do the place justice.


This is the bar. Well done, George, well done.


Front view of the bar. 


Another view of the bar. You may stop your drooling at any time.


Mr. George Danesky in his lair of Steeler-dom.


Bradshaw shrine.


Jerome Bettis shrine.


A collection of Steel on Iron.


Some old RC Cola cans. Anybody remember these?


George's car, of course with custom plates.


P(it)T(sburgh) Cruiser.


Collection of figurines featuring 1970's and Super Bowl XL Steelers.


Franco shrine.


The old "Luv Ya Black-N-Gold" banner is a nice touch.


I love these glasses. My parents had a set too. I think they were issued to every person alive in Western Pennsylvania in the late 70's.


Wall of Ward.


The autographed Lambert/Iron City schedule poster is sweet.


Framed tickets and turf from the last season at Three Rivers and the first at Heinz Field.


The Daneskys wish you a Steelers Christmas and a Happy Playoffs.


Apparently this is to scare off the Ravens. rimshot! Thank you, I'm here all week ... try the veal.


The guestroom, with a small nod to the Penguins & Pirates.


The fireplace.


Even the ceiling fan. Now that is thorough.


The bathroom.


Annnnnnd, we'll end the tour here. 'Nuff said on this one.

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