Renegade lip dub video

Written by Dan Gigler on .

It looks like a Steeler-themed episode of "Glee" but the well choreographed video above is the work of the Chartiers Valley High School Class of 2011 and their television and media productions teacher, Mr. Jeff Ackerman.

What Ackerman and the CVHS kids came up with is a pretty entertaining "lip dub" video -- a web trend of lip-synching, audio dubbing and choreographed action to make a video that's been around for a few years. A lip dub was most notably used recently as this season's opening to "The Office."

"The basic idea of the video came last year when we made a similar video for the Penguins because they had a contest. We ended up winning the contest. I advertised the project last year as a Senior video and the kids loved it," Ackerman said. 

"So I wanted to try to make one each year with different themes. Once again we made a lip dub and used the Steelers as our inspiration. All the young kids love the Steelers and the Penguins."

According to Mr. Ackerman, they filmed on the high school football field on a cold Saturday in early November. Close to 100 Chartiers Valley High School seniors participated.

"They made signs and we planned out the route we would walk. I typed up everyone's lines and where everyone would be," Ackerman said.

Using just an iPod hooked up to speakers on an iHome device to play the music, Ackerman said that the filming went pretty smoothly. 

"We did one practice walk through and then we started with the actual video. I think it took us five tries to get it where we wanted. ... Overall it went well. I couldn't ask anything more from my students to give up a Saturday afternoon for no grade just for fun."

Ackerman added that the 2011 seniors' goal is to get more YouTube hits than the 2010 class did for their Penguins video.

So watch it early and often during the Steelers playoff run. It's for the kids.

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