Pot Luck for $500, Alex

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A bunch of highly random Steelers items ...

Random Hangover cure: Pittsburgh Magazine's Sean Conboy pens some insightful and often hilarious columns on his Pulling No Punches blog. His latest "Five Ways to Cure Your Steelers Hangover" following the loss in New Orleans is full of gems like these:

"Ziggy Hood, recently discovered alive and well after being identified on the back of a milk carton, tackled a dude for a loss using only his noggin’ (his arms were tied up by a blocker). The NFL is currently investigating the legality of helmet-to-soul hits." ...

"More positives: Cornerback Ike Taylor finally made an interception while riding on the back of a flying pig like it was his pudgy Valkyrie." ...

"The key to bouncing back next week isn’t letting Roethlisberger pass 55 times, it’s staying committed to the run. Think that’s a bunch of old-fashioned nonsense? The San Diego Chargers are first in the NFL in total defensefirst in the NFL in total passing yards. Their record? 3-5. Balance is crucial." 

And this photoshop of Troy's jawing with Julius Jones:


Plus, a perfect screen grab that shows Rashard Mendenhall did score a touchdown on that New Orleans goal-line "stand." Check it out.

Random cute kid's Halloween Costume:


That's little Meron Hoffman of Atlanta dressed as Troy Polamalu, sent in by her father Tymm. "Troy or Treat" was the clever theme of the Hoffman family Halloween. The Hoffman's established Brighton Their World, a non-profit organization dedicated to advocating for orphans across the globe with the intention of "brightening their world."

Random New Orleans follow-up:


Pictured above is Bethany Novak (right) of the South Side and friends on Bourbon St., who were among droves of Steelers fans in the Big Easy for Halloween and the game.

As was much publicized, a Guinness record was set at the game for largest Halloween costume party, when a documented 17,777 fans arrived in costume. The total could've been much higher if they'd counted all those die hard Whodats who apparently showed up as Steelers fans, as evidenced in this video. I jest, but as per usual, the Steelers Nation invaded the foreign shores of the opposition.

Also, last week I mentioned about a group of Steelers fans from Butler who engaged in a service project while in New Orleans, here's a follow-up to that.

And there was some other game on Sunday night as well. Who knew?

Random old TV commercial: This 1989 Diet Coke commercial featuring a host of NFL players including Louis Lipps. No need for snarky remarks. This classic oozes with cheese: 

Random Sign: Among the many things that garnered headlines during last weekend's Rally to Restore Sanity in Washington, D.C., were the many funny, clever and ironic homemade signs brought by attendees.

Naturally, Steelers fans represented


Random Menu item: The Harris Grill of Shadyside -- home of the legendary Tuesday bacon night -- opens a sister location on Mt. Washington this week called the Shiloh Grill. Known for having an eclectic and cheeky menu, they live up to their rep in the explainer box of their menu. Check out the third item down.


That icon refers to the Roethlisburgher, a menu item described with a bunch of innuendo that will get me yelled at by my superiors if I posted it here.

Random WTF?:


Steelerbaby and Steely McBeam. Steelerbaby also went to New Orleans. No word if he was counted in the costume party record.

And finally, Random 80's bad haircuts:

Found this gem in the PG photo archive ...


"That wind shurr do come in cold off dat Three Rivers Lake, dunnit Murl ..."

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