Free James Harrison!

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update 1: Bill Moushey, author of "Never Give Up" the authorized biography of James Harrison, had this to say on the matter:
"James Harrison works harder than anyone in the league to be in the best possible shape to perform at his best.  Now he feels like he's being forced to play at a level that is less than his best. He's a principled man. While I haven't talked to him about this, I know that no matter what, he will stand on his principles. What the outcome of that will be is yet to be seen."

update 2: Josh Cribbs has no ill will towards James Harrison.

A grassroots effort of Steelers fans' showing support for James Harrison, the "Pay James Harrison's Bogus Fine" group on Facebook, has balooned to over 6,000 members as the site has gained attention on the Internet and in Pittsburgh media.

The page was created by Leah Griffin, a Steelers fan born, bred and living in Baltimore. She says:

"I was sitting in front of the computer last night, just getting angrier and angrier about how unfair the decision to fine when no penalties were issued. Decided to start a group, never EVER expected it to take off like this! If I had known I would have hired an office My morning started at 7 am with a call from KDKA and hasn't slowed down since.

"I expected nothing when I started this and if I get nothing more than James knowing that STEELER NATION loves him and supports him, I will be happy. James is a true genius on the field. He has owes me nothing, he gives everything he has for Steeler Nation on the field every game day."


Certainly Harrison doesn't need any help in paying his fine, and this is a bit of a cheeky expression of solidarity and irritation from the Steelers Nation. Check out the gallery of how many people are actually sending money to Goodell. It's up to 171 pics posted:


This one is my favorite:


And, in case you're wondering, the group's profile picture is of Harrison with a quote from Jack Lambert:


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