The Rooney-Bono connection

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The Post-Gazette's news partner, KDKA, is reporting that U2 will add one last show to close out their 2011 North American tour -- at Heinz Field in Pittsburgh on July 23

"After months of behind-the-scenes negotiations, sources say U2 has decided to end their two-year world tour "360" in Pittsburgh. The venue – Heinz Field on the North Shore.

Heinz Field had been trying to book U2 all along, but until recently the band had no plans of playing here, deciding to end its tour in Minneapolis on July 23, 2011. But Pittsburgh had a powerful ally – U.S. Ambassador to Ireland and former Steelers chairman Dan Rooney. Sources say it was Rooney's influence that convinced the band to add one more date to the tour and play right here in Pittsburgh ...

... Dan Rooney is a fan of U2, has attended their concerts and sources say the band is coming to Pittsburgh at his behest after making a personal appeal to the band's management."

First of all, the idea of Dan Rooney rocking out to Vertigo is a pretty funny image to begin with, but I mention this, only because I jokingly suggested the idea when Dan Rooney was named the United States' ambassador, that perhaps he could make this happen:

"Here's hoping that, at the very least, Ambassador Rooney's position will land the Black & Gold another game on the Old Sod. Or -- just as good -- get U2 to play Heinz Field on their 360 tour."

Hopefully Mr. Rooney can also swing another international game for the Steelers, as when the Steelers played the Bears in Dublin in 1997.

(award winning photoshop above by ace business reporter, Bill Toland)

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