The Terrible Haus

Written by Dan Gigler on .

I've been watching a rehab job go on at a house a few block from me this summer, one of many in my neighborhood, but this one stood out quite a bit: once I saw the black & gold paint job start to go up a few weeks ago, I knew what was coming next ...



On the one hand, it's breathtakingly tacky, on the other ... it's pretty sweet. Especially so, because this was a professional paint job that probably cost more than a few scheckels.

I peered in the window and the inside is being remodeled too, and some of the gold paint scheme carries into the living room. None of the work crew was around, but I intend to stop by again to find out who is behind this, what their inspiration was (besides the obvious) and if the owner intends to rent, sell or live in it and if the entire place will be Steelers-themed -- stay tuned!

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