Dispatches from Charm City

Written by Dan Gigler on .


From the vacants of West Balties ...

  • Rivalry week? Yawn. According to the Baltimore Sun, Monday night's game, which is usually as nasty as a Karl Rove-run political campaign, is practically turning into a love fest. From the sounds of it, Bart Scott and Hines Ward may meet at the 50-yard-line and read haikus to one another. In case you forget the genesis of the Scott-Ward/Steelers animus, OTBS recaps it for us
  • The Steelers aren't the only team with a bunch of guys banged up -- the Ravens could also be without some key personnel.
  • Ravens blogger not happy with our Ron Cook.
  • The Ravens think the Browns may have intentionally tried to hurt Willis McGahee, which seems like a stretch as the Browns don't appear to be good or smart enough to pull off something like that.
  • The Sun's Bill Ordine says that the Ravens improved secondary will be the factor in Monday's game, not revenge. Although Ordine also refers to Raven's defensive coordinator Rex Ryan as Rex Reed, which, would actually be pretty hilarious. I'm sure Rex Reed and Ray Lewis would have chalk talks about the works of Meryl Streep.

Rex Reed: not the Ravens coordinator. Too bad.




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