The NFL is out of control.

Written by Dan Gigler on .

We just posted a story on our website by the great Bob Dvorchak that says Lamarr Woodley will be fined $10,000 by the league for a sack on Jason Campbell IN WHICH NO PENALTY WAS CALLED.

Total garbage.

We found an excellent clip of the sack (along with six others that night by the Steelers D) that shows Woodley's sack for what it was: an excellent football play. That he was fined for playing the game cleanly and aggressively is egregious. You have to wonder now if the league is truly fining the Steelers out of spite at this point. If not -- if this is what passes for a finable offense in the 2008 NFL -- this portends bad things for the future of the (pansy) game.

Check out the sack -- I believe its the sixth one on the clip -- and drop us a note in comments on what you think about this.


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