James Harrison the best?

Written by Dan Gigler on .

 Ron Cook's column in tomorrow's Post-Gazette will say that Steelers LB James Harrison could very well be the best defensive player in the NFL. Harrison's end zone sack and resulting safety were the two points the Steelers desperately needed in the 11-10 victory over San Diego Sunday.

Everyone's talking about that weird final play in yesterday's game. The referee's said they'd made an error on the play and while it changed nothing on the field, it sure did change some gamblers' fortunes in Vegas (and elsehwere). PG reporter Gary Rotstein is taking a look at that issue in tomorrow's paper as well. Seems that while bets in the millions are often taken legally on the NFL, speculation is that many more millions of illegal bets are placed. So many people seem upset with the final call, but in reality, it means nothing as far as the outcome of the game.

More people seem upset today if I can believe my E-mail basket, about the officiating in general. The Steelers were flagged for 13 penalties for 115 yards against the Chargers. Sometimes you have games like that, but when the disparity in penalties is so wide -- San Diego was flagged twice for five yards -- people are going to notice. I know Mike Tomlin was not happy after the game yesterday, though he steered clear of saying anything negative about the officiating.

Let's hear from you about these topics. Remember, it's a short week. Bengals up on Thursday at Heinz.

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