Celebs pick Cards?

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Larry Fitzgerald is SHATTERING Rod Tidwell's team records

This party scene dispatch comes to us from freelance photographer Tim Boyles:

Who are the celebrities picking to win Super Bowl XLIII?

An informal poll taken on the red carpet at the super swanky Maxim Party Friday night in Tampa revealed that overwhelmingly, celebrities prefer Arizona. 

More on that in a moment.

I'm a Pennsylvania native.  I grew up in Altoona, but my family has roots in Pittsburgh.  I'm also a photographer who shoots pictures for the world's largest distributor of news, sports and celebrity images, Getty Images.  My job Friday was to photograph the stars walking the carpet on their way into what was billled as the biggest Super Bowl party this year.

It was one of my first red carpet assignments for Getty Images and I learned several things from the other photographers there.

Don't be shy about yelling at the celebrities, asking questions of them, doing anything it takes to get them to look down the lens of YOUR camera.  Apparently photographs of celebrities sell better when they're giving you eye contact.

The favorite question of the guy standing beside me was "Who's going to win?".

It seemed like a good tactic because everyone who walked the carpet answered it. 

And, the fellow photographer was more dedicated than I was apparently.  He actually kept an accurate count of the responses.

Arizona: 14 celebrity predictions to win.

Pittsburgh: 2.

Who picked Pittsburgh? 

One of them was actor Joe Manganiello.  He's a Pittsburgh native who graduated from Mt. Lebanon High School in 1995.  He played "Flash Thompson" in two of the "Spider-Man" movies, as well as TV roles in "Scrubs, ER, CSI and How I Met Your Mother".

Joe Knows.

Who else picked Pittsburgh?  For the life of me, I truly cannot remember.  There's a lot of other things going on when photographing an event like that, like trying to find my own "schtick"  to get the celebs to look into MY lens.

Who picked Arizona?

Cuba Gooding Jr.

When asked his prediction, Gooding relapsed into his role from the movie "Jerry McGuire" and said, "Arizona Cardinals baby, Rod Tisdale, remember?".

Tim Boyles writes often about his photography career, including tips and techniques for aspiring photographers as well as back stories about what it's like to photograph news and celebrities for Getty Images.  He's also available for photography jobs that bring him back to the Burgh. His blog is:

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