Coupla quick G-20 snippets/ZOSO

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Coupla quick, tiny G-20 snippets

  • Pittsburgh City Councilman Bill Peduto was a one-man news organization throughout the entire day, constantly updating his Facebook & Twitter feeds with observations and information from what he'd seen himself and heard from others around the neighborhoods he represents. A little before 9 p.m. hundreds of people were gathered on Schenley Plaza, the closest they could get to Phipps Conservatory where the heads of state convened for dinner. With the heavy police and protestor presence, things felt dicey until one familiar chant at least momentarily broke the tension: "Bill Peduto: great moment in Pittsburgh - someone just started a Here We Go Steelers cheer and everyone (almost everyone) joined in"

  • The PG's Mark Roth reported earlier today on some annoyed police Downtown: "At the corner of Fifth and Wood streets Downtown yesterday afternoon, one thing remained constant: The sports memorabilia shop at the corner continuously blared audio from the exciting end to the last Steelers Super Bowl victory. The store owner didn't know and probably didn't care that the police officers stationed across the street had just arrived from Tucson, Ariz., home state of the team that the Steelers defeated. Told the audio would play over and over, one officer said, "yeah, and most of us are Cardinals fans."

Does anybody remember ... the running game?

The PG's great music writer Scott Mervis passes this along; I've thought that the "Stairway to Seven" schtick was a bit hokey (and might be a long time coming based on the Steelers' play these first two weeks), but this, which I'd not previously seen, is pretty cool (the old man with the Towel is a nice detail):


I had the original up in my college dorm. Then again, who didn't?

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