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Yeah, yeah, I know it's for a great cause. But, as the dear Cope would say, it's just kinda Feh! After hearing about it, I finally spied one at Honus Wagner's Sports Downtown today:

Pink Towel = cognitive dissonance

As mentioned, it benefits a very worthy cause, as the Towel always does, but c'mon -- it just looks kinda funny. Nonetheless, the Steelers will be selling pink-themed merchandise this weekend to raise money for breast cancer charities, and Steelers Deshea Townsend, Max Starks, Tony Hills and Dennis Dixon -- all of whom have had a family member battle breast cancer -- will participate in an event Friday at Magee Women's Hospital with hospital staff  to promote nutrition "demonstrate the preparation of healthy fare, stressing the importance of good nutrition in cancer survival." 

Other Stuff ...

Lord Stanley's Cup and the Vince Lombardi trophy were on display today in the City-County Building -- in honor of their current Pittsburgh residency, we'll call them Stush & Vinnie -- and I'm imagining a dialogue between the two:


1. Vinnie: I kinda like it here ... Stush: Agreed. Let's visit annually.

2. Vinnie: ... I don't wanna hear it. Have YOU had to look at Chris Kemoeatu in a sweaty jock? Stush: Yeah, but have YOU ever smelled a hockey locker room? The Russians are ripe to begin with. I rest my case.

3. Vinnie: You believe that Ravenstahl during my parade? Stush: Geek.

What are your suggestions? Drop a line in the comments section ...

Fans of the Colbert Report know that show's makes liberal use of excellent puns in it's on-screen graphics, especially during the show's introduction and during "The Word" segment. Last night was no different -- during the show's lede-in, a Steelers-flavored pun was used in reference to an environmental story later in the show:


And finally, this photo, alleged to be real and from a Chik-Fil-A in Northeastern Ohio, sent in by my longtime, long-suffering-Browns-fan-friend Don:


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