Fallen Heroes

Written by Rob Rogers on .

Pittsburgh is mourning three police officers who were gunned down in the line of duty. Needless to say, these kind of tragedies are the most difficult and challenging subject matter for an editorial cartoonist to tackle. My usual smart-alecky, warped sense of humor can't help me here. I have to dramatically shift gears and tap another side of my brain to find a sensitive way to illustrate our communal grief. The first cartoon referenced how the city's Steelers-centric identity was now changing. In the aftermath of this horrific event, we are all members of the Pittsburgh Police fan club.

Next, because this wasn't the only recent shooting tragedy in the country, I couldn't avoid addressing our gun culture. The third cartoon I drew was my Brewed On Grant strip that takes place in a diner. In this cartoon I simply pointed out how often we take for granted the risks taken by the police every day.

And finally, today's cartoon picks up on the story reported in the P-G that the 911 operator failed to mention that there were guns in the house. The city has agreed to make changes in the system. If only we could change the ease with which people aquire guns.

(Beginning on April 20th my blog entries will be more regular. As you can see, everything before this post is from my trip to Tampa to cover the Super Bowl.)

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