Armchair Cartoonists Unite!

Written by Rob Rogers on .

I know you’re out there. Sitting in your Lazy Boy, perusing the editorial page of your daily paper, cursing at the editorial cartoonist under your breath. How do I know you’re out there? I get nasty letters and emails from many of you. You tell me what a hack I am and how you long for the day when the paper will run a cartoon NOT drawn by an imbecile. Well, now you have the chance to do more than just complain. Put your pen and paper where your mouth is. Draw the cartoon you think should be on that editorial page. Trust me, it will be far more satisfying than a cliché letter to the editor!

I’m not just looking for disgruntled readers. Those of you who love to read editorial cartoons (especially mine) and just want to have fun drawing your own cartoons are welcome too! This is one of the greatest jobs in the world. Everybody should try it at least once before they die.

Enter the “Armchair Cartoonist Contest” and impress your friends and family by having your cartoons posted on a real blog! Click HERE for more details!

P.S. For all you Pittsburghers who like to draw, come to Dr. Sketchy tonight at 8 PM at the Town Tavern on the South Side. Ten dollars gets you in, proceeds benefit the ToonSeum.

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