Ten Years After Columbine

Written by Rob Rogers on .

Yesterday was the ten-year anniversary of the shooting tragedy at Columbine High School in Colorado. Columbine wasn't the first mass shooting in history and it certainly wasn't the last. Pittsburgh is still mourning the tragic shooting deaths of three police officers and the Virginia Tech shootings were only two years ago. Gun violence has been in the news more than ever this year and I have already done my fair share of cartoons on the topic. Here are some cartoons I drew about the Columbine tragedy back in April of 1999.

People need to find some sort of logic in the face of these senseless killings to explain why it happened. If they can't find it, then it means it could happen to them or their kids. In the case of Columbine, people were blaming everything from poor parenting to our gun culture to Hollywood. The boys were apparently obsessed with The Matrix and wore trench coats. Officials actually proposed banning trench coats from schools (I am not making this up.) I know they were desperate to find a solution, but I don't think it was the trench coats that killed those students.

No one can predict when teenage angst will turn into homicide. While I don't think any one thing can be blamed for this kind of senseless violent behavior, the access to guns doesn't make it easier to prevent. I believe having less guns available on the streets, tougher gun laws and better background checks would go a long way. An editorial in today's P-G argues that good gun laws would be a fitting way to honor the three fallen Pittsburgh police officers. I know there are some readers out there who disagree and think we need less gun legislation. What do you think?

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