Armchair Cartoonist Contest Is Heating Up!

Written by Rob Rogers on .

How are those drawings coming? As I mentioned in my earlier POST, I’m not just looking for disgruntled readers. Those of you who love to read editorial cartoons (especially mine) and just want to have fun drawing your own cartoons are welcome too! This is one of the greatest jobs in the world. Everybody should try it at least once before they die.

Enter the “Armchair Cartoonist Contest” and impress your friends and family by having your cartoons posted on a real blog! Click HERE for more details! Remember, you don't have to be a great artist. Just have fun with it!

You have until May 1st to get in your entries for the first contest. The topic is the new White House dog. Here are a few of the entries we've received so far. "T. Bag" was drawn by Paula "Poosie" Orr of Squirrel Hill. "Clean Up" was drawn by Laura Kocher of Pittsburgh. "Yes, I Can" was drawn by a Squirrel Hill caricature artist who goes by the name of "ToonBrian." "Speechwriter" was drawn by freelance cartoonist David Coulsen, who also lives in Squirrel Hill. Wow, Squirrel Hill is stacking the competition!



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