In Search Of Donald Dingbat

Written by Rob Rogers on .

Here is another "Retro Rogers" for this day, April 27th, in the year 2005. The "retro" in this case also applies to the character who made an appearance in the diner as part of my local Brewed On Grant strip for that week.

Remember Donald Dingbat, the old Pittsburgh Press weather bird? When I started my job at the Press in 1984, Donald was no longer in the paper, but I sat in the art department surrounded by some of the artists who kept him alive for so long. As a cartoonist, I love the idea of having a cartoon bird deliver the weather. In fact, I vote we have cartoon animals deliver news and sports as well. In the cartoon below, Donnie comes out of hibernation (or migration or whatever cartoon birds do when they go away) to stop Rick Santorum from limiting the public's access to weather. Don't ask me to explain Santorum's thinking.

When this cartoon ran in 2005 I got a lot of emails from folks who fondly remembered Donald Dingbat. Unfortunately, when you google him, very little comes up. So, help me out! Share your memories of Donald Dingbat by clicking on the "comments" link below. Long live Donald Dingbat!

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