Partisan Flu

Written by Rob Rogers on .

My first idea for this cartoon was to have the Republican say he was afraid of catching "Socialism." After all, the GOP is standing by and watching as the Democrats feverishly spend zillions to bail out the nation's banks, mortgage companies and automakers. That was my thinking on Monday afternoon. I had just finished a cartoon about Obama's first 100 days. Tuesday I always work on my local Brewed On Grant cartoon, so the swine flu cartoon had to wait until Wednesday.

Then the unthinkable happened: Arlen Specter switched parties. The crazy thing is, as liberal as my politics are, it makes me sad that there is no room in the Republican Party for a forward thinking guy like Specter (same goes for the Democratic Party.) Granted, the polls showed he was way behind in the Pennsylvania GOP primary race and it looked like this was the only way to hang on to his seat. But it is another example of how polarizing things have become in Washington and beyond. I am tired of this worn-out partisan two-party system. We need a true multi-party system so we can have more voices, more ideas and more political leaders not afraid to govern by the faith of their own convictions.

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