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Written by Rob Rogers on .

Remind me if I ever run for president to give my keynote address in a football stadium. Whoever thought of that was genius. Oh, right ... it was JFK. He switched his address to the LA Coliseum during the 1960 Democratic convention. If this were a baseball stadium I would say Barack knocked it out of the park. You really haven't lived until you've been sitting next to 75,000 oxygen-deprived fanatics screaming"Yes we can!" The bleachers were vibrating just from the chanting. When people started stomping their feet, the whole stadium shook. Hard to argue with McCain's use of the celebrity label when Obama gets a reception like that. I guess JFK was a celebrity too. I managed to move a few rows over so I had a clear sight of the podium. It was merely a psychological victory, though, because from where I was his head was the size of a gnat. I watched most of his speech like everyone else --- on the big screen.

The Dems know how to put on a good party. What a great way to celebrate MLK's famous speech. The fireworks were also a nice touch. The pundits all gave Obama high marks for his speech. That should give him a nice post-convention bump in the polls. I have to agree with the pundits. I felt like I was watching the next president of the United States in action. It gave me a chill. The last time I felt that chill was when I was in New York City's Madison Square Garden watching Bill Clinton deliver his keynote address. He was strong, confident, passionate and inspiring. Tonight Barack Obama accepted his party's nomination and gave the American people a "fist bump" of hope.

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