Hillary Montana

Written by Rob Rogers on .

I managed to make it on to the floor last night for Hillary's speech. I was standing directly behind the Pennsylvania delegation surrounded by assorted Hillary supporters. Some were DNC employees, some were journalists and some were just delegates trying to nudge closer to the podium. Normally I would not put journalists in the category of Hillary supporters (most of them are Obama supporters) because the press is supposed to be unbiased when covering news events. But there I was standing next to a young woman who was cheering and screaming and holding up signs. "Are you a delegate?" I asked. "No, I'm press,"she said. She worked for Foreign Policy Magazine. I was a little surprised. But the more I thought about it, the more I realized Hillary represented something to her as a woman that transcended a mere job. She was unabashed in her bias and who could blame her? White guys have been running since the dawn of time so I will never know the feeling of seeing a presidential candidate who looks like me making history (unless a cartoonist becomes president.) The enthusiasm for Hillary was so great the mood felt more like a rock concert than a convention.
pate It was complete with signs, cheering and a crush of bodies all trying to get a closer look at Hanna Montana in an orange pantsuit. In my perch behind the Pennsylvania delegation, I had a birds-eye view of two powerful Democratic heads. Gov. Ed Rendell andAllegheny County Chief Executive Dan Onorato were sitting next to each other right in front of me. They were being very chummy. This isn't surprising since Dan has his eye on Rendell's job. If bald spots are an indicator of political prowess then Dan has a ways to go yet. His bald spot was not quite ready for the governor's mansion. Just wait, Dan ... you're almost there.


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