Change is coming

Written by Reg Henry on .


I am back from a weekend of duckpin bowling, wherein I flirted not with greatness but with mediocrity. I had one victory — on Thursday evening in a preliminary social event, in which I had my highest score ever — 162. Thereafter, in the real competition, I regressed back to my average of 101.

But enough of flying duckpins, let us discuss the cat heaved among the pigeons. You should all go to Open Letters, where the change I hinted at recently is talked about frankly.

This change is likely to have a boomerang effect on this blog.

Consider: If Open Letters is no longer there to allow anonymous postings, guess where all the OL commentators are going to migrate to? I think all the worst snakes in the grass will slither over to Reg on Wry — and frankly I don't want to be their keeper.

That is the dilemma for you and me. This change will not happen immediately but soon, therefore the future of Reg on Wry is in the balance.

Any suggestions or comments about how to proceed? (Click on image above for musical balm.)

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