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Michael Henninger/Post-Gazette

A few rambling thoughts at the end of a rambling week:

I received an email from someone named Bram Reichbaum (not Stoker, so no one need worry about Count Dracula), who identified himself as a participant in the Occupy Pittsburgh protest in Mellon Park. I have no reason to doubt this, but, full disclosure, I only have his word for it.

He was writing in reaction to Wednesday's column and it was a surprisingly friendly note considering that I have hardly been gushing about the movement. I took it as an attempt to kill me with kindness, and indeed I did appreciate the tone, although in truth it is neither kindness nor disgust that will kill me. I am thinking that a fatal case of boredom will do the trick.

I remain skeptical that this movement will amount to much long-term but I do credit it with changing the political discussion from the usual conservative claptrap to inequality in American society. That's no small feat.

Occupy Pittsburgh has its own website and, as a matter of fair play and equal time, I am including the links Bram sent me for some of its position statements.
As he says, "Here are five political statements that we (in Pittsburgh) all agree upon..."

Introductory Statement

Anti-War Statement

Statement on Internal Solidarity

Statement on Non Violence

Statement on Representation

And for those of you who think this is the dawning of socialism in America, just after the pigs fly by, Bram offers some encouraging words in his email to me:

"Final note: Despite everything, a lot of us are still feeling a good deal of love out here. Like we're still half of America's teddy-bears."


It's Light Up Night in Pittsburgh tonight (and Saturday night). However, I am going to the annual cricket awards presentation and social tonight in Greentree. Tomorrow night, after some paddle tennis, I will be attending a Thanksgiving Day dinner at a friend's house, only five days early. I don't know why it is early. Perhaps the turkey couldn't get there next week.

Have a great weekend. On Light Up Night, please be sure to get lit up responsibly.

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