David Brooks' 'Normalcy Bias' nonsense

Written by Susan Mannella on .

I have to ask. Did New York Times columnist David Brooks ponder the Penn State child abuse scandal and then take a stupid pill? I read the headline of his Nov. 16 column, "Let's All Feel Superior: But the Fact Is, a Lot of Us Probably Wouldn't Have Reported Jerry Sandusky Either." Really? Really? (ad infinitum) Did you leave your brain on the train, Mr. Brooks?

That is the stupidest, most insane, inane beginning to an opinion column that I've ever seen. I spent years working with battered, abused and neglected children and the rambling mutterings that pass for reasoned judgment on this made me want to puke. Mr. Brooks, let me spell it out for you. There was one reason and one reason only that this story was kept under wraps for so long: M-O-N-E-Y. What the hell did you call it? Normalcy bias? Bullpucky! MONEY. Football equals Money. Do you understand?

Mr. Brooks brings up a French Jew murdered by Moroccan kidnappers and relates it to the horror at Penn State? The proper question, Mr. Brooks, is how did you let this column happen? And why did your editors approve it? Finally, if it had been your son allegedly raped in the shower, would you forgive the witness for Normalcy Bias? Or would you take garden shears and go after the offender to remove a certain body part so it couldn't happen again?


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