No ordinary Joe

Written by Reg Henry on .

Poor John McCain. No sooner did he seize on a new savior for his campaign, Joe the Plumber, aka Samuel J. Wurzelbacher, than it is revealed (by the PG's sister paper, The Blade of Toledo) that Joe is not licensed to be a plumber in Ohio and is not registered to work there as a plumber. Moreover, the plumbers union says he never did an apprenticeship.

It is another great vetting job done by the McCain campaign in the tradition of Sarah Palin. Next thing we will learn is that Joe Six-Pack is a non-drinker, or worse, likes to order cocktails with little umbrellas in them. Further, it is possible that the Man in the Street spends all his time sitting on his sofa and never ventures into the street.

What an election. Just when you think it couldn't get any better, it does


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