Gun nuts go shopping

Written by Reg Henry on .

Gun nuts take great offense at being called gun nuts, but they do have a way of conforming their nuttiness in ways that reinforces the image of the armed and the cranky

Consider the national rush to buy guns and ammo in advance of the Obama presidency. Apparently some gun nuts believe federal agents will swoop down - I assume in black helicopters - to pry the guns from the hands of law-abiding Americans.

I am not a gun nut but I am not against guns, per se. I think gun ownership is a constitutional right. I conceded that this right was probably an individual right before the Supreme Court so ruled earlier this year. It is not, however, an unlimited right. Common-sense boundaries apply to all rights lest they trespass on other people's rights.

I am a nut for clear thinking -- what I am against is irrationality, of which this firearm shopping spree is an example. While some attempt may be made to close down gun-show loopholes on gun purchases in the next four years, it doesn't mean you have to rush out now so you can still buy a shotgun.

In the same way, I am against people channeling their inner morons and still insisting that Obama is a Marxist/socialist, when he has no plans to take over any means of production or do anything remotely socialist that a real socialist could recognize (he just wants to tax the very rich some more, which will have no effect on me and probably not you, dear reader). The idea that he is a Marxist is, of course, is linked to the idea he will ban guns. One stupid notion becomes the accomplice of another.

Perhaps these worrywarts should stock up on champagne, bonbons, top hats, sports cars - anything that the alleged chief commissar might ban in the name of the dictatorship of the proletariat.

Rest easy. The cold steel of your guns and the chilled champagne of your pursuit of happiness will still be available to those who want them during the Obama years.


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