Politics as an Olympic sport

Written by Reg Henry on .

Part of my noon face-off with Jack Kelly today was on the subject of President Obama and First Lady Michelle going to Copenhagen later this week to argue before the IOC that Chicago should get the 2016 Olympics. I would prefer that Rio got the nod, if only because the beach volleyball contestants would be more modestly dressed than other beachgoers, which would make a change.

But I see nothing wrong with the Obamas going and making the pitch. Jack, of course, thinks that the situations in Iran and Afghanistan are too serious for Obama to leave and, according to him, it shows that he has his priorities all wrong.

No, it doesn't. If I remember correctly, Bush's main priority in days of stress was keeping the brush cut at Crawford, so a president who is not lazy and never ceases working on multiple fronts is not a problem for me. It shouldn't be for anyone.

I took my own min-vacation this weekend but not to clear brush -- I flew to Martha's Vineyard for a reunion of friends. As a bonus, my daughter and her husband were there to. I was surprised that the Vineyard had not quite shed its off-island visitors, who are hanging on to the last taste of summer. Good luck with that one. Today in Pittsburgh seemed more like winter than fall.

When I wrote my last blog on Friday evening, it was before the police and students clashed up in Oakland. From every report I have read, the police action was over the top. Too bad. With some unfortunate lapses, they had behaved with some discipline over the previous two days only to seriously spoil their record at the end when the G-20 was as good as over.

What is it with police and students anyway? No matter where you are, it seems that cops just don't like kids and are provoked by the mere sight of them.


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