Just the facts, ma'am

Written by Reg Henry on .

If you read the Leonard Pitts column this morning, you will read the column I wanted to write for tomorrow, even had half-way written in my head ("Facts Ought to Matter'). Unfortunately, Leonard picked my brain. While I am comforted by the saying that "great minds think alike," it is unfortunately also true that mediocre minds think alike. Which category I fall into is not for me to judge.

Anyway, Leonard Pitts is dead right. Facts ought to matter - and these days they don't. He gives his own example and I have many in my own files. In fact, you can see this phenomenon at work in the responses to this blog, where sometimes facts are not allowed to get in the way of an argument. I will name no names. You know who you are.

I also recommend Paul Krugman's column "Starve the Beast," which uncovers the basic folly and insincerity of GOP economic plans.

Before the idea flies off into the ether, I must comment on Rick Santorum's aspirations to be president, most recently expressed in a presentation to the Conservative Political Action Conference in Washington.

What possibly possesses some politicians to think they can or should be president? In Santorum's case, here's a guy who lost Pennsylvania by a huge margin because he had made himself detestable to large parts of the population and moreover has done no great public service except in the political arena. What extraordinary vanity animates this guy?

Whatever it is, part of me hopes his ego succeeds. That would be some sort of fun.


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