A new day has dawned

Written by Reg Henry on .

If you recently logged on or have gone back to the home page, you will see that a great new day for the Post-Gazette online operation has dawned. The change that nudged me to my decision to quit this blog is here.

So what do you think of it? I'm interested in your comments and you don't have to be on facebook to give your opinion here.

I found that the new site is not the easiest thing to navigate if you are not used to it, but I suppose that is a self-curing problem. I had difficulty finding my own blog this afternoon.

This blog has had its uses to me as well as you. One of you — I think it was Little Minx — gave me the idea for my Wednesday column: Rick Santorum declaring that teleprompters should be illegal if you are running for president. Thank you, thank you (two thank yous, one for Little Minx and one for Rick himself for saying something so stupid.)

I am not looking forward to the mail tomorrow. Those Who Are Not Amused will be contacting me and denouncing me in the usual terms — just like a liberal, your socialist buddy is the big joke, etc.

However, none of them will be as unconsciously funny as this letter to the editor we got from a reader about the Tom Tomorrow cartoon that runs on the Weekend Perspective page Saturdays .

"The political cartoon posted in your March 3rd edition of the post-gazette was tasteless and appalling. I do not subscribe to your paper. I almost wish I did, just so I could cancel it to make a point."

Yes, life is so unfair. You have to be in the ballpark to yell at the umpire.

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