On a high horse

Written by Susan Mannella on .

Rick Santorum suggests that just as Americans want custom cars and order them from Detroit, children deserve the same individualized treatment with their educational development. Sounds right in a simplistic world but is very wrong!

Children are not automobiles. Their color, features and horsepower can't be customized and "slipped" into place and popped out of the door. A computer can have predefined lists of qualities, and customers can pick what they want. There is no computer program or human being that can perfectly or even imperfectly come up with the required recipe to produce a grade "A" child. No school board, parent or governmental body can ever get it right because of their human imperfection. God could but has chosen not to share the secret with us.

I would appreciate Mr. Santorum getting off his self-deluded "high horse" in believing he has the right answers for America. No human has ever gotten it "right." The best we have come up with is people of good will, trying their best for an outcome beneficial for the majority. The arrogance of anyone to state that he has the solution is a bold-faced lie meant to mislead and fool the populace into electing him as their official demagogue under the belief that he can fool all the people all the time.


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