Not this again

Written by Susan Mannella on .

I just received my new property assessment for 2013 and it has gone up 124 percent. Now the problem with this is I just had a property assessment hearing and a second hearing before the Board of Viewers at the very beginning of 2011 to have the assessment reduced to its current value.


It seems to me that if you have already worked your way through the system and had your case heard, what is the need to have your case heard again when the issue has already been resolved? It is not like the property has not been assessed at a different value in the past 20 or 30 years. It has just been reassessed within the past year.

Had this been a criminal case or a civil suit, they would both be thrown out of court due to protections being in place about not prosecuting someone twice (double jeopardy) and about suing someone for the same thing twice. Now when my case was heard, I had to hire a lawyer and pay that lawyer to have the assessment reduced. Now it seems the county has once again found a way to line the pockets of the Pittsburgh lawyers with a new influx of additional cash.

The county should not be reassessing properties that have already had their cases heard within the past few years.


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