Selling us out


"The borrower is the servant to the lender," said King Solomon. And so, as a servant to the Wall Street and international banking plutocrats, a subservient president went to the G-20 in Toronto to receive his orders.

Is it just hypocrisy that our chief executive can proclaim it is wrong to build an economy based on consumer debt? Why is it wrong to go into debt as an individual for a vehicle or a house, but virtuous to go into debt as a nation for obscure promises of recovery, prosperity and energy independence?

Each of us is indebted to these same financial moguls as taxpayers. We are responsible for the trillions of dollars of debt we are forced to assume because of "hope and change" politicians. We and future generations have been sold into servitude to the bankers of Beijing, Wall Street and other international financial institutions.

No institution lends money without secure promises of collateral, terms and conditions. As Barack Hussein Obama pays tribute to our new masters assembled at G-20 meetings, we must ask what are the terms, conditions and pledged collateral we as a nation must sacrifice to secure credit from these international plutocrats? What assets will be absorbed by these foreign investors in our national debt when the presidential profligacy has finally run its Weimar-like course?

Will the G-20 moguls dictate more detrimental policies, such as free trade with China or drilling rights and mining concessions for American resources? What 30 pieces of silver will our G-20 representatives receive for selling out America?


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