U.S. totalitarianism


You have heard this story before. The government engages in some criminal activity.

It declares that any information about it is secret. A brave believer in the rule of law blows the whistle and spreads the information. As a result the whistle-blower is imprisoned and those responsible for the crime are unpunished and remain in power. The government involved is that of China or Iran.

Only in this case the government is that of the United States. A U.S. military helicopter attacked a group of civilians in Baghdad killing 12, including two journalists. There was a video of the attack, but it was declared secret so that people in the United States and elsewhere would not know what happened. A brave young whistle-blower Army Spc. Bradley Manning found the video and put it on the Internet. Now we learn that Spc. Manning has been imprisoned ("Army Holds GI in Leaked Iraq War Video," June 8). Those responsible for the murders and trying to hide the facts continue unpunished, still leading the U.S. military.

The United States cannot promote the rule of law in the world or fight terrorism by acting in the same way as totalitarian states.

Squirrel Hill

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