Training no help

Written by Tom Waseleski on .

In response to your June 2 editorial, "Kids for Cash," I agree with the points that there has to be more oversight of and by the Judicial Conduct Board, and that juveniles should have legal representation during hearings. But the recommendation that our judges should receive more ethics training? Come on.

A statewide ethics training program will cost our state precious dollars that it cannot afford, but more importantly, Luzerne County is a county consumed by a culture of corruption. Officials from the president judge on down through the clerk of courts, school board members, public agency officials as well as business leaders have been charged criminally with engaging in corrupt activities in various cases. No amount of judicial ethics training would have prevented the "kids for cash" atrocity nor will prevent future ones.

The judicial scandal of Luzerne County occurred (not withstanding the actions of the judges themselves) as a result of members of the district attorney's office, the public defender's office, the probation office and defense lawyers not doing their jobs. When children were sent away for petty crimes these adjudications should have been appealed.

New Milford, Pa.

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